StarSeries S4: loss versus SK Gaming

CS2 / News / 20 February 2018 — 19:59

A tough series against a strong opponent.

Another fight for the spot in the playoffs came for ua NAVI.GG.BET, as the next battle at StarSeries S4 was against br SK Gaming. The Bo3 ended with the defeat of ua Natus Vincere, as we get another chance to get into the playoffs.

Picks and bans

Natus Vincere

SK Gaming

Game 1 - Natus Vincere [0:1] SK Gaming

The pistol round was quite a nerve-racking one, as we found ourselves in 5v1 situation, but br coldzera was able to turn it into a 1v2, with ru flamie being the one to put him down and take the pistols. The rounds were very fast, as ua NAVI claimed 3 points right away, with the first gun round not bringing in any changes for the Brazilian team. Round 5, though, saw br SK get their first point on board, as we ran out of time to plant and had only 1 survivor. This did not damage our economy too much, as we took the next few rounds, further extending our lead.

Round 8 saw ua s1mple in a 1v1 situation, which, unfortunately, he did not manage to clutch. However, the economic damage was done, as he was the only survivor there. From there on, though, br SK Gaming took 4 rounds in a row, tying the score 6:6, and ultimately breaking the 8-round barrier, yet we managed to get the last round to close the half 7:8.

The first round of the second half equalized the round count at 8:8, and broke ahead, taking 10 points eventually. br SK, though, bounced back and took 3 rounds for themselves - 11:11. Our economy was in a very bad state, and we had to eco. We started to fall back, as the opponent claimed a sizeable advantage - 11:14. We claimed 1 point before the T side took the 15th point - the first match point up, and br SK Gaming were swift to claim it - the first map goes to them.

Game 2 - Natus Vincere [0:2] SK Gaming

The game 2 saw ua NAVI start on CT side, and br SK picked up the pistols, but the next couple of ones went to us. Round 3 was very close, with the last 2 players for the CT side being in the red HP, but managing to deny the plant - a triple for ua Zeus. We got up to 3:1 before br SK managed to plant and defend, eventually tying 3:3 and taking 2 round lead.

The 5-round streak was interrupted 10 rounds in, as we managed to eliminate all the opponents to start the climb back, yet the Ts managed to pick up another round, but not without the response from either side. The first half ended with 6:9 on the scoreboard, as we needed to pull ourselves together for a chance to turn the game back.

The second half did not start off too well, as we dropped the initial few rounds, further increasing our disadvantage. 5 rounds in we still did not get anything done, as br SK Gaming claimed all the rounds to get the first match point at 6:15. It was then that ua NAVI got their first round, but it was not enough, as the opponent ultimately claimed the map point, and we lose the match 0:2.