Football weekly ft. Yozhyk

News / 21 February 2018 — 19:02

The latest news of football!

Cyberfootball player of ua NAVI.GG.BET ua Yevhen "Yozhyk" Mostovik is a huge fan of football both in real life and the virtual world. We decided to find out Yevhen's opinion about the last matches of the main European club tournaments - the Champions League and the Europe League.

Last week was remembered by the first matches of both tournaments - the Champions League and the League of Europe. Can you name any of the results of those games unexpected?

— In the Champions League, I was a bit surprised by the match "Juventus" - "Tottenham". Expected a one-sided style 1:0 from "Juventus", but the game turned out to be open. Well, the "hotspurs" took an unexpectedly positive result. I almost do not follow the League of Europe in the early stages.

— Two matches of the Champions League - between "Basel" and "Manchester City", as well as between "Porto" and "Liverpool" - ended in the devastating victory of guest teams. Does this mean that relatively weak teams came to the playoffs?

— No. Simply a good performance from "Manchester City" and "Liverpool". So it coincided. The former simply dominated, while the latter had a killer trio Salah - Mané - Firmino tearing through any defense.

Higuaín's penalty kick hit the post

Real defeated PSG on their home field with a score of 3:1. How good are the chances of the French to win in your opinion and, accordingly, the chances to advance to the next round?

— If they stopped at 2:1 vs Madrid, then I would say PSG, but they missed the third goal, which now drives them into a difficult situation. And yet, "Real" is experiencing a slight crisis - this can be exploited. But PSG needs to score during the first half, and do not let the opponents hit the goal.

This week the most heated opposition is the match between Chelsea and Barcelona. Can you predict the winner?

— Barca will go further. Chelsea barely left the group, and their domestic performance looks tense at best. Barca is in a good shape.

Ronaldo's double goal rekindled Real's hopes of making it to the next round.

— The only representative of the CIS is the Ukrainian "Shakhter". Their rival will be the team "Roma", which did well in the group stage. True, the Ukrainian team also performed well at that stage. Who will be the winner?

— 50/50. I hope Shakhter can do it. I wish the guys good luck. It is important to score while away. It is difficult to guess what the Ukrainians are capable of after the winter break. Our teams always have a hard time during this period.

— Let's move on to the second largest tournament. Last week there were several matches with the participation of CIS representatives. Can you give a general description of the performance of each team?

— "Dinamo" should move forth. "Lokomotiv" is already ahead. "Spartak" has pretty much arrived, "Astana" is done as well. "Zenit" is in limbo.

Manchester City is leading in the domestic championship, and their eyes are on the prize in the Champions League.

— Which of them has got the best shot at winning the tournament?

— Any of these teams, except for "Astana", with a bit of luck regarding the grid, can go far.

— Tell us your honest opinion about the Europe League. Do the teams and the viewers need this tournament?

— We need the tournament. For medium-sized clubs, this is a good chance to fight and show off on the European arena. Well, starting with the 1/4 finals, the pairs of LE are very often on par with the pairs of Champions League (and some sometimes even outperform them).

— In your opinion, who are the favorites in the Champions League, as well as in the European League?

— "Manchester City", "Barcelona", "PSG", "Real" - in the Champions League. Atlético Madrid in EL.

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