Become a star of NAVI СS:GO channel with СS.MONEY!

News / 29 October 2020 — 15:12

Send us highlights and win a great skin!

#MONEYMOVES is the jaw-dropping gaming moments, clutches, aces, jump shots, and all the juiciest things we love in CS:GO. Starting today, you can send your highlight to our media team. Every two weeks, we will pick the top 5 highlights from the ones you submit through . TOP-1 will get $ 100 worth of skin from ua NAVI and CS.MONEY. The name of the skin that fans will be competing for will be announced later.

At the end of each quarter, all TOP-1 moments from each video will be judged by a professional player from our team. If you can surprise him, you will take the biggest prize — a skin that is $ 500 worth!

Also СS.MONEY will hold additional quarterly raffles of skins that are $ 100 worth among all fans who sent us their moves. Check out the and become a star of NAVI CS:GO channel right now!

CS.MONEY is the best for exchanging, selling and buying skins! Here you will find a simple and easy-to-use personal account, a 30% bonus when replenishing your balance, more than 80 thousand CS:GO and Dota 2 items, as well as fast and high-quality 24/7 support! and see for yourself!