Diretide 2020 is here!

Dota 2 / News / 30 October 2020 — 07:01

The long-awaited event is back in Dota 2!

Valve has released a new event in Dota 2 "Diretide 2020"! Right on time for Halloween and it will last until December 22, 2020.

In this game mode, you have to knock the candies "taffy" out of the creeps, fill the bucket of your team, and feed Roshan. During the event, players will receive special points — every 100 points they will bring one of Roshan's awards.

The awards include a chest, hero bundles, wards, couriers, and various effects. In total, there are more than 75 awards. Also during the event, the chest can drop out both in seasonal and standard modes: it contains one of the random 60 items divided into 5 categories. For this chest, you need a key worth of $2.5.

An important feature of the event is the option to instantly sell dropped items on the Steam Marketplace. You can also combine items of one category (up to tier 4) and get a random item of the next category. More details about all the features of the event and new items can be found on the .