NAVI Icons t-shirt is now available for order!

News / 6 November 2020 — 14:48

NAVI Icons T-shirt price $ 38

They've already become legends for the entire esports world, and the role models — for hundreds of thousands of fans. We don’t even need to say those names and nicknames because as soon as you look at the combo of the five images on the black fabric, you have it all figured out.

"Man, do I love NAVI CS:GO! Here they all are from the left to the right: Boom-boom-boombl4, Perforator, Sanya top-1, Flamienator, and Papatronic", thought each and every one of the #navination, and then immediately wondered: "But what about B1ad3?" All worries aside, we have allocated a real special place for him. It is just right over there,  on the sleeve.

An oversized T-shirt called is a monochrome, stylish, and — dare we say it — a basic clothing item that will fit into any wardrobe. It was fans who inspired us to come up with such a laconic yet symbolic to ua Natus Vincere design, as they all supported the team with a stream of emojis in the chat window on Twitch broadcasts.

You may purchase our specialty at . This apparel drop is limited. The T-shirt is available in sizes XS, S / M, and L / XL.