StarSeries S4: to the semifinals!

CS2 / News / 23 February 2018 — 21:28

NAVI.GG.BET to semifinals!

The playoffs of StarSeries pitted ua NAVI.GG.BET against dk Astralis in a Bo3 series. The games were very intense but in the end, it is ua Natus Vincere who advance further!

Picks and bans



Game 1 - Natus Vincere [0:1] Astralis

The first game started off in a very close manner, as dk Astralis picked up the first round, to which ua NAVI responded with a couple of their own. The next series few rounds were back and forth, until the opponents made a break for it, taking the score all the way up to 7. That was when our squad felt we could not afford to let the opponent continue their streak, and bounced back with a couple of points for us. Despite, dk Astralis got the 8 points first, closing the half with 7:8 - a very close start.

The pistols were taken by ua NAVI to equalize the score 8:8. but the response from the opponent was swift, as they claimed 3 rounds before we got another point on board. dk Astralis was still quite ahead, but ua NAVI still took the double digits score at 10:14. Nonetheless, our economy was in a somewhat bad shape as dk Astralis hit the match point, taking the first map 10:16

Game 2 - Natus Vincere [1:1] Astralis

The second map was not off to a good start for us still, as dk Astralis picked up the first 3 rounds before ua NAVI got on board during the 4th, but not managing to take the next one to strengthen the position. Despite, another round taken drove the opponent's economy into a bad shape - we tied the game 5:5. The rounds were constantly traded, and the game was a very close one. ua NAVI did not manage to claim this half either, with dk Astralis taking the minimal advantage - 7:8.

The first 2 rounds of the second half allowed ua NAVI to claim the first lead, as ru electronic pulled off an ace, and 2 round lead was ours. dk Astralis, though, did not allow us to increase the round difference, as they bounced back, tying 10:10, and the force buy did not work for us - 10:12. Round 24 saw a very clutch play by ua s1mple, as the only opponent left almost defused the bomb, but our player was there to deny it. Game was a close one still, as the scoreboard showed 14:14 - the next round would be the match point, and we got it first, as dk Astralis made a mistake of not having defuse kits - the next round sealed the deal, as we take map 2!

Game 3 - Natus Vincere [2:1] Astralis

It all came down to map 3, with the pistols round going the way of ua NAVI, allowing us to get to a pretty good lead, as we secured a gun round, up 4:0, before dk Astralis took a point, which was followed up by the reset. Another good series for ua NAVI propped us to 7:1, and the opponents started to take some rounds for themselves, but the 8-round point was already ours, as we looked to extend the lead, ultimately taking the half 11:4 - a very solid advantage.

Pistols went to us again, and that set us up quite well at 12:4. As the next round did not work out for the opponent, they had to go for a very limited buy. ua NAVI were sitting at 14:5 when dk Astralis took a point, but the round 15 crushed their economy for the match point. That sealed the deal for the map, as ua NAVI make it to the semifinals after a heated series!