NAVI invited to DreamHack Winter Showdown

PUBG / News / 27 November 2020 — 14:01

Get ready for new matches!

Another challenge for our team! zz Natus Vincere will play in the second stage of DreamHack Winter Showdown. The prize fund of the tournament will be $ 30 000

This stage will be held on December 11-13. A total of 24 teams will play in it: 17 teams received a direct invite, and the rest passed the qualifying stage.

As for the format, the competitions of the second stage will be held in a round-robin system. The teams will be divided into three groups and will play against each other. The 14 strongest teams will advance to the Grand Final, where the winners of last seasons — eu Team Liquid and eu TSM will awaiting them. The final stage is scheduled for December 18-20.

Tournament participants (currently)

zz Natus Vincere
eu Bystanders
tr Digital Athletics
eu Entropiq
ru Northern Lights
eu Omaken Sports
eu Raise Your Edge
eu Redline
eu ShiftW