StarSeries Season 4: NAVI.GG.BET to the finals!

CS2 / News / 24 February 2018 — 18:48

NAVI advance to the finals of StarSeries Season 4!

 ua NAVI.GG.BET win against eu FaZe Clan 2-1 in the semifinals of StarSeries S4 and move on to the grand finals, where they will face eu mousesports!

inferno — Natus Vincere [13-16] faze clan

Inferno started off with ua Natus Vincere securing the first pistol round and following it up with two more rounds - a force buy and then an eco. eu FaZe Clan then went on to pick up the first gun round and after losing one the ensuing one as well, NAVI called a tactical pause, with their economy allowing for only one buy.

Unfortunately, this proved to be a futile move, as FaZe managed to keep the lead. With a reset economy, we picked up two rounds, destroying the opponent's economy. The teams then traded rounds, which would force FaZe to either eco twice or get by with force buys until the end of the half. The CTs chose the second option and were right to do so, as they took the sixth round and went into the second half with a slight lead — 8-7.

The second pistol was snagged by FaZe, with our team striking back straight away in the force buy. The enemy took the next round with a very limited buy with just two AK-47s and pistols, to which NAVI answered by taking three following rounds and equalizing the score, 11-11. However, in each round we had only one player survive, which hurt our economy very badly.

We kept on edging out of clutches until FaZe finally used our economy's fragility to their advantage, leaving NAVI with no money to buy in. In round 28, NAVI made quite an interesting decision, going for a half buy with some resources left for the following rounds.

The only problem was FaZe holding a two match-point lead. Unfortunately, NAVI did not manage to take the game into the overtime, and FaZe took the win on de_inferno — 16-13. 

overpass — Natus Vincere [16-7] faze clan

Coming into the second map, Born to Win claimed the first three rounds of the first half in their favor. The first gun round went the way of the European team, but they couldn't follow it up — they lost the round in return and had their economy reset. 

Sadly, NAVI could not capitalize on that chance as we fell to FaZe's force buy. In the 8th round, we fought back in the same fashion, winning with a poor buy and putting CTs into a very unfavorable economic position — this way, we moved into a 6-3 lead.

Once FaZe stabilized their economy, they answered back with some rounds of their own, closing the gap to a single round at 5-6. Despite a limited economy, we managed to take back a round, putting CTs on an eco and regaining control to end the first half with a 5-10 score.

To prepare the ground for a comeback in the second half, it was necessary for FaZe to win either a pistol round or a force buy, which they did successfully. In round 19, a saved AK gave ua Edward an opportunity to secure the 12th round in his team's favor, which played a decisive role on de_overpass — we closed out the map 16-7.

train — Natus Vincere [16:7] faze clan

FaZe Clan took the first pistol round to start the third map of the series, but the ensuing force buy was secured by NAVI. The European team fought back with a limited buy and kept piling up rounds until s1mple answered back in the fifth, pulling off a clutch against three opponents. This way, Born to Win secured a 4-3 lead. 

Even as FaZe stabilized their economy, Natus Vincere continued amassing rounds until FaZe called a tactical pause in round 10, which has put them back in the game. Another tactical pause came three rounds after that, and it also had quite a big impact: FaZe surprised our players with a quick push through Alley, breaking our winning streak. It led to them closing out the first half with quite a decent scoreline — 6-9 in our favor.

NAVI won both the pistol and the follow-up anti-ecos and then solidified their lead in the first gun round. In round 20, we were close to giving up the force buy, but Edward pulled off a clutch which kept us in control of the game. As a result, de_train ended 16-7 in favor of ua Natus Vincere!