B1t to play for NAVI at BLAST Premier: Fall 2020

CS:GO / News / 1 year ago

Support B1t in the match against Astralis!

ua Valeriy “B1t” Vakhovskyi shall play in the main ua NAVI roster at the BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 championship, which takes place from December 8th to 13th.

ua B1t is already participating in the team’s practices in an experimental mode: in the future, the club plans to use the player on certain maps in a tournament environment. Valeriy consistently shows a high level of play in ua NAVI Junior and is ready to try his hands at the tier-1 stage.

One way or another, the teams are already testing around a roster with 6–7 members. This approach allows the players to focus on specific maps, spend more time on the key positions, and have more opportunities to recover in the conditions of a tight tournament schedule.

uaAndrey B1ad3Gorodenskiy
NAVI CS:GO coach

“With the correct approach, the model with a wider roster is rather successful. I like the idea of refining players for certain maps. In a long run, it will strengthen our roster.”

uaValeriy B1t Vakhovskyi
NAVI Junior player

“I am really happy! I will do everything in my power to be as helpful as possible to the team. This year and a half at NAVI Junior I’ve worked hard, found out a lot of new things, and learned important qualities that a professional player needs. I’m grateful to the team and the club for their trust. I will not miss the chance to prove myself.

uaAmiran ami Rekhviashvili
NAVI Junior coach

“I’d like to wish the best of luck to Valera; with all the work he’s done during the year, he deserves this chance. His personal and game qualities will help the team a lot and make him a strong player. He is young and has a lot to learn, but he already shows a high level of play. I am glad that the academy fosters strong players, and they have a chance to show themselves in the main roster.”