What is

News / 11 December 2020 — 11:07

What is

is a fan influence & rewards app that allows you to have your say on official Natus Vincere decisions, get recognized as a superfan, and earn exclusive rewards using your $NAVI Fan Tokens. Fan Token owners can also connect with other fans in Socios Chat, access exclusive club and sponsor-related promotions and take part in games, completitions and quizzes on the app.

$NAVI Fan Tokens? What Are They?

A $NAVI Fan Token is like a digital pass that never expires. It allows you to influence team decisions and gives you exclusive access to rewards, promotions and a wide range of engagement opportunities. To influence Natus Vincere’s decisions, all you need is 1 $NAVI Fan Token but the more you own, the bigger your chance of winning grand prizes, such as VIP access at the Natus Vincere office, signed merchandise, and much more. A Fan Token never expires and is yours to use in all future polls and competitions.

How to buy $NAVI Fan Tokens?

$NAVI Fan Tokens will be available directly from the app.

You need $CHZ, our in-app currency to buy Fan Tokens. Think of it in the same way as buying foreign currency when you go abroad.  It’s very quick & easy - simply tap on Wallet, buy $CHZ using your debit or credit card, and exchange them for $NAVI Fan Tokens. The price of $NAVI Fan Tokens will be $1 per token. For two weeks only, they will be available at a fixed price (whilst supply lasts). After that, the price will be determined by the market demand on the platform. 

The $NAVI Fan Tokens will be available on the 14th December 2020 at 13:00 CET. Only a limited number of Fan Tokens will be available.

Here’s a quick guide on how to buy them.

the app and go for $NAVI Fan Tokens!