#ownthestreet: NAVI x KSENIASCHNAIDER drop

News / 12 December 2020 — 15:00

#ownthestreet: NAVI x KSENIASCHNAIDER drop

When esports encounters high fashion, their explosive reaction creates something that each of these polar worlds has — the streetwear. Today, comfortable hoodies and oversized tees shine on the runways, but at the same time, these are the things that are in every gamer's wardrobe. 80%, at least.

Collaboration with Ukranian brand KSENIASCHNAIDER is a combination of simplicity and aesthetics, comfortable styles and bright details, geometric elements, and club identity in different manifestations: a scattering of individual letters, Natus Vincere print, or laconic NAVI.

launches a hashtag #ownthestreet. Even if you spend half a day at the monitor screen, and then the rest of your time — with a tablet or phone in your hands, hoodies, T-shirts, and a shirt from this drop will allow you to feel the street vibe and regain the feeling of freedom.

We have included six unisex items in the collection: a hoodie with square elements, a T-shirt with a NAVI print, a shirt, a T-shirt with a hood, a hoodie with text inserts, and a T-shirt with a keyboard print. Black and yellow were chosen as the main colors of the clothing line: a universal base and contrasting accents.

uaKirill Tkachenko
NAVI Head of Merchandise

"This collection has emerged despite the most challenging conditions imaginable for our industry. All integrated into online. All our lifestyles have changed, and as a result - the reasons why we choose what to wear. The clothes that we present today intend to remind us that no external factors can influence our style, comfort, and self-expression, and we will cope with all the challenges that life throws at us".

All models are available for purchase at the website . #ownthestreet


Is a Ukrainian brand founded by designers Ksenia and Anton Schneider, whose viral jeans and upcycling experiments are worn by influencers, top
models, and celebrities all over the world — from Celine Dion and Bella Hadid to Tommy Cash. Each year, the brand held fashion shows in Kyiv, Paris, Shanghai, and Tokyo, and in 2020 KSENIASCHNAIDER, in collaboration with the Reface app, created the brand's first video show with the Swap Face technology. Also this year, the iconic KSENIASCHNAIDER denim was featured at the Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel in Switzerland.