Quake Pro League Season 2: finals of the first stage

Quake / News / 12 December 2020 — 13:27

The start of the first match is scheduled for 14:00 CET

From December 11th to 13th the finals of the first stage of the second season of the Quake Pro League will take place.  Alexei "cYpheR" Janushevsky will start the championship on the second game day.

cYpheR's match schedule
Teams Start time CET Match page
NAVI.cYpheR20seNfinite.dramiS OVER
NAVI.cYpheR02seLiquid.rapha OVER
NAVI.cYpheR21seb100.cnz OVER
NAVI.cYpheR20seLiquid.DaHang OVER
NAVI.cYpheR31it vengeurR OVER

The starting opponent for the ua Natus Vincere player will be us Kyle "dramiS" Simard from us Nfinite. Earlier he had already defeated ru Anton "COOLLERZ" Singov 2:1.

As for us dramiS' performance in the Quake Pro League American division, he finished fifth (four wins, five losses). Lacking only 200 points from finishing in the top four.

Note that today, regardless of the result of the scheduled match, cYpheR has one more match. If Alexei wins, he will face the winner of the match us raphagb GaRpY. If he loses, the representative of NAVI will fall to the lower bracket.

Be sure to join the live broadcast of the match and support Alexei! We are sure that cYpheR will show his best game in the upcoming matches! #navination