StarSeries S4: defeat in the finals

CS2 / News / 25 February 2018 — 18:00

A series worthy of finals!

Unfortunately, ua NAVI.GG.BET stopped just short of the title in the grand finals, falling to eu mousesports 1:2 and taking the second place.

Game 1 - Natus Vincere [1:0] mousesports

The pistol round, as well as force buy ended in favor of ua NAVI. Thanks to the killing of all opponents in the second round, eu mousesports players took the risk by making a committing to buying next round. This decision did not justify itself: ua Natus Vincere won the round and led the match with a score of 4: 0.

The first buy round also went to our guys. After that, the eu mousesports took advantage of their tactical pause. The tactical pause seemed to work well initially for them when eu mousesports played aggressively in the next round and finally won the first point in defense. However, losing the round in response reset the opponents' economy.

Thus, ua Natus Vincere took advantage of the given chance, increasing the lead on the scoreboard to 7 points - 1: 8. Then eu mouz managed to pull out the 2 v 2 clutch, which should not have gone to the European team. By the end of the first half of the game, the opponents were able to earn 2 more points and completed the game for the side of defense with a score of 11:4.

To be able to count on a comeback for the attack side, eu mousesports needed to win either a pistol round or a force buy. The Europeans managed to pull off this task a little later: they did the second force buy and won it. The fate of the first map of this confrontation was determined when eu mousesports lost the round in response. As a result, ua NAVI beat eu mouz on de_overpass - 16:7.

Game 2 - Natus Vincere [1:1] mousesports

The beginning of de_mirage was good for eu mousesports: the Europeans won the pistol round, force buy and eco. The first gun round ended in favor of the Born to Win, but at the same time we only had one player remaining. In the end, after losing the round in response, we got serious problems with the economy. Unfortunately, the tactical pause before the force buy did not lead to the desired result.

Due to that turn of events, eu mousesports took the lead - 6:1. Having won two rounds in a row, our guys put the defense players in a dangerous economic situation. However, eu mouz managed to deal with it: the Europeans switched to two AWPs, which paid off. As a result, ua NAVI managed to win just one more point and complete the first half of de_mirage with a score of 4:11.

The second pistol round ended in favor of ua Natus Vincere, but the opponents responded by winning the force buy. Then we called the tactical pause: none of the teams wanted to give the economic advantage to the rival. This difficult battle was won by our guys, due to which we closed the round difference with the enemy at a distance of 5 points - 8:13.

A stunning game from ua s1mple with a sniper rifle allowed ua NAVI to reduce the round difference to a minimum - 12:13. The key round for de_mirage was destined to become the 27th round, as, in case of its loss, one of the teams would have its economy reset. Realizing the whole situation on the map, our guys took a timeout.

The short tactical worked: the defense engaged aggressively in the center of the map and earned the 13th point. Subsequently, ua NAVI reached the 15 points mark and thus got one map point at our disposal. Unfortunately, it was not possible to achieve the decisive victory for us, as teams moved into the overtime!

This time, the defense game for our team did not work out - defeat with a score of 1:2. In the attack, the performance of ua Natus Vincere was not the best, and eu mousesports once even had a match point in their possession, but the magnificent game by ru electronic in the next clutch allowed ua NAVI to extend the game to the second overtime - 18:18. The second overtime was unsuccessful for our guys, as ua NAVI did not earn a single point. The final result of the de_mirage is the victory of eu mousesports with a score of 22:18.

Game 3 - Natus Vincere [1:2] mousesports

Having won a knife round, our squad chose the side of the defense. The pistol round, force buy and eco went to the European team. The first buy round, though, was taken by ua NAVI. Then our guys lost the round in response, having the advantage of two players. Subsequently, eu mousesports led in the match with a score of 5:1.

ua Natus Vincere decided to confine themselves to one eco. Despite this, our team managed to afford an AWP, but with a limited number of grenades. After losing it, the match was paused by the defense players. The tactical pause did little to correct the state of affairs on the map: the duel continued to take place under the dictation of eu mousesports.

Switching to the game with two AWPs, ua NAVI earned the second point in defense. Later the teams traded rounds, which hurt the economy of the European five and enabled ua NAVI to get closer to the opponent. Unfortunately, ua Natus Vincere managed to earn only one point, losing the first half of the map with a score of 4:11.

The second pistol and both economic rounds ended in favor of ua NAVI. Having taken the buy round, the position of our team did not seem to be that bad anymore - 9:11. Despite the unsuccessful start of the 21st round, eu mouz was able to transform it into the first earned point for the defense side.

As it turned out, this was a turning point for the final map of the match. As a result, eu mousesports did not drop more than one round of defense, defeating ua NAVI on de_train - 16:9.