S1mple has two million followers on twitch!

CS2 / News / 15 December 2020 — 13:48

s1mple has 2 000 000 followers!

ua NAVI's CS:GO team captain ua Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev knows how to make an interesting stream. The growing number of viewers speaks for itself: his twitch channel has surpassed the 2 000 000 followers milestone! 

ua s1mple's frequent streams have not only an excellent quality of games but it also comes with a fun atmosphere. Almost every stream he does, he gathers more than 20,000 viewers, and this night he set his personal record of peak viewership at 48,473.

We should note that not so long ago, on October 21, Sasha's account reached a million followers. And this is far from the limit! Follow ua s1mple so you don't miss on unique content and always be up to date with the most interesting stories. #navination