Assemble your mouse and win PRO X SUPERLIGHT!

News / 17 December 2020 — 11:59

Assemble your mouse and win PRO X SUPERLIGHT!

From 17th to 27th of December, enter the , assemble your own mouse from the proposed parts and get a chance to win one of 33 prizes from Logitech G and ua NAVI, including the lightest and accurate wireless mouse PRO X SUPERLIGHT, which weighs less than 63 gram.

in the workshop and choose the ones you like the most. Be sure to share your result on social networks in order to participate in the raffle. The winners of the promo will be determined after 10.01.2021.

The prize pool is impressive! Check out:

— 3 Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT mice;
— 5 Logitech G PRO keyboards;
— 5 Logitech G PRO headsets;
— 10 NAVI hoodies;
— 10 jersey NAVI.

The Logitech G PRO X Superlight is a wireless gaming mouse that's tricky to assemble to make it light and maneuverable, comfortable in your hand, and wireless. But Logitech G did their best and together with top esports athletes created it just like that! Add to that the cool HERO 25K sensor, LIGHTSPEED wireless technology with a 1ms response, and a battery that will last for 70 hours of active play, and you have a masterpiece of mouse building! Buy PRO X SUPERLIGHT at Logitech G partner stores and enjoy the game right now!