NAVI Fortnite, Rainbow Six, and Apex Legends: year's recap

News / 31 December 2020 — 11:42

Summing up 2020 in Fortnite, Rainbow Six, and Apex Legends

It's time to take a look back at ua Natus Vincere's performance in Fortnite, Rainbow Six, and Apex Legends. As we remember, the LAN tournaments were canceled because of COVID-19. So how did the results of the online tournaments go?


In the summer, the club announced a return to the popular Battle Royale and signed two players ru Daniil "Putrick" Abdrakhmanov and ru Igor "7tor" Popov.

To the fans of the discipline and to those who follow the CIS scene closely, these names are familiar. Despite their young age, ru Putrick and ru 7tor are the strongest players and front-runners. In his fourth season alone, Daniel earned over $ 16,000, surpassing the other CIS players, and Igor's prize money was about $ 7,000.

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There are many tournaments in Fortnite, depending on the season and even the time of year. For example, the Daily Trios Cup was held daily in the summer and the Champions Cash Cup once a week. Our players have achieved a certain success in these tournaments: you could often spot them in the top three.

The larger championships are called FNCS and DreamHack Open 2020, which take place about once every two months depending on the schedule. They offer a larger prize pool and, unlike some weekly tournaments, have qualifying stage, semifinals and finals, respectively, divided up over several days or even weeks. 

Some of the recent major achievements at these championships include Putrick's 6th place at the DreamHack in December and 9th place at Trio FNCS in November, 7tor's 17th place at the DreamHack Open in November, and Putrick's 27th place at the same tournament.

At the end of the year, our guys were also among the top 100 players in Europe. This event is undoubtedly a successful end of the year!

Major achievements in 2020
Tournament Players and places Prizes
Solo FNCS  ru 7tor, 43rd place $ 2 000
DreamHack Open 2020 September ru Putrick, 51st place $ 400
ru Putrick, ru Gambit. Toose and ru Fury Legendary, 1st place

ru 7tor, ru CL. L1nk and ua Freemok, 3rd place

₽ 25 000

₽ 10 000
Trio FNCS ru Putrick, fr Decyptos и lt Hen, 9th place $ 16 500
DreamHack Open 2020 November
ru Putrick, ru VP. Kiryache32, 27th place

ru 7tor, ru CL. L1nk, 17th place

$ 800

$ 1 800
1M Super Cup
ru Putrick, ru VP. Kiryache32, 36th place

ru 7tor, ru CL. L1nk, 26th place

$ 650

$ 750
 EU Encore
ru Putrick, ru VP. Kiryache32 and ru Fury Legendary, 12th place

ru 7tor, ru Gambit. Toose and ru CL. l1nk, 16th place

$ 6 000

$ 3 000
DreamHack Open 2020 December ru Putrick, ru VP. Kiryache32, 6th place  $ 5 800

Apex Legends

For the eu Natus Vincere Apex Legends team, the year 2020 is a rather ambiguous one. We started as one of the strongest teams in Europe, capable of showing the excellent game at the international level, and sadly enough ended with the failure to qualify for the playoffs of tournaments.

It's hard to say what the main reason was, but we can definitely mention the coronavirus pandemic. So, eu NAVI had an excellent performance in the qualification stage of the first Major tournament of the season and were already preparing for the main part of the competition, but all the LAN-championships were eventually canceled and the professional scene switched to the online mode.

The results of eu Natus Vincere during the spring and summer period can hardly be called successful. The team participated in a number of championships but did not make the playoffs of the ALGS Summer Circuit, and its highest achievement was 7th place at ALGS Online #4 not the most impressive result.

For this reason, in September the team has undergone some changes. ru Dmitry "Fyzu" Petrov was replaced by ua Maxim "MaxStrafe" Stadnyuk: the replacement was intended to improve the team's game since Maxim won the ALGS Summer Circuit playoffs with his last team.

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Unfortunately, there were no immediate results. The sixth place in PGL Showdown — Europe, not the most successful performance in the fall ALGS tournaments, as well as disagreements within the team, resulted in by Kirill "9impulse" Kostiv leaving eu Natus Vincere.

de Hermann "Nesh" Kobrin took the vacant position as standin. With him, the team played the last two months of 2020. However, the departure of by 9impulse and the change of in-game roles affected the team's success: the guys were unable to rebuild their game and ended the year without many results. However, as CEO ua Yevhen Zolotarov said, the ua Natus Vincere esports club will have a lineup for the discipline early next year, so let's wait for the news about the team's fate.

Rainbow Six Siege

It was quite a difficult year for the gb Natus Vincere squad in the Ubisoft discipline. It started with the main tournament, Six Invitational 2020, for which our team earned a slot after winning the Pro League season 10. gb NAVI did not enter the tournament as favorites, but a playoff spot was a distinct possibility.

The tournament, however, ultimately disappointed both the players and the fans. Our guys first lost to us SpaceStation Gaming (to be fair, the future world champion), defeated de Rogue, and then in the important match to get out of the group lost to us Team SoloMid. The final 9th-12th places such a result did not suit anyone.

There was growing dissatisfaction within the team as well. First gb Ben "CTZN" McMillan left the team, then the contract with gb Ellis "Pie" Peart expired, as a result, gb NAVI had to find two players for the upcoming season.

gb Byron "Blurr" Murray and ch Dimitri "Panix" De Longueau joined the team. The first is a young player eager to win (who played a few games before the return of gb Jack "Doki" Robertson after his ban). The second is an experienced player capable of becoming a team leader. Alas, the boys finished fourth in the Pro League season 11, and in the European Open Clash charity tournament departed in the semi-finals stage.

However, the roster continued to play without changes, which proved to be a mistake. The team failed to reach its potential before the start of the new tournament, the first stage of the European League. Finishing fifth and failing to qualify for the Six Major, after such results ch Panix, along with hr Leon "neLo" Pesic, were benched.

In their place came the already familiar gb Blurr, as well as young player gb Joe "Joe" Crowther. The renewed team had to fight in the first season of the UK Ireland Nationals, as well as in the second stage of the European League. It is difficult to take the results of the first championship as an asset (second place), but for gb Natus Vincere it was more of a training ground.

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But in the second stage of the European League, the guys finished only in 5th place. At the same time, our players qualified for the final part of the European League (in January). Meanwhile, the team probably had to play in the Six Invitational 2021 qualifiers to qualify for the world championship.

Unfortunately, these qualifiers were the final games of 2020 for gb Natus Vincere. Although our team received an invitation to the semi-finals, they lost their first match. The gb NAVI's opponent was the team it Mkers, which eventually earned a slot to the Six Invitational 2021. The world championship will take place without our team.

Right now the team is in the rebuilding phase. We are sure that our players will learn from this year's events and that they will be a force to be reckoned with in 2021.

We hope that next year the Fortnite team will reach even greater heights and that the Rainbow Six and Apex Legends squads will find their game and please their fans with new brilliant performances. We will be looking forward to it! #navination