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APEX / News / 9 January 2021 — 15:00

Kouhia is the new Natus Vincere player

fi Lauri «Kouhia» Kouhi to the eu Natus Vincere Apex Legends roster. In this article, we will take a closer look at the career of this player.

fi Kouhia is an experienced player on the professional scene, but his first game was not Apex Legends. Back in 2017, he made attempts to enter a new discipline for many - Overwatch.

The first time he had great success was at the Assembly Summer 2017 Championship, where a category was allocated for Overwatch - BYOC. In other words, all participants had to bring their own computers to compete.

At the tournament, which was held in the Finnish capital, Lauri's team named fi Nemesis showed a good game and managed to get to the finals. However, they slipped up in the finals and thus took second place, which helped fi Kouhia to keep looking forward and continue to hone his skills.

The start of the Overwatch League fueled Lauri's interest in the professional scene. He spent the year 2018 trying to achieve certain accomplishments in the game and in the future to get into that very League, which can be considered as the pinnacle for Overwatch esports player.


In Europe, however, there aren't many people willing to conquer this League, so every month fi Kouhia's chances of making it into some team were getting slimmer and slimmer. In late 2018, Lauri even took a few prizes at the Finnish championships, but his most recent appearance on the professional Overwatch scene was not successful. His team, fi Trailblazers, did not take a single map at Overwatch OMEN by HP Assembly Winter 2019 and finished in last, fourth place.

A new hobby helped fi Kouhia not to be disappointed in esports: Apex Legends emerged in the Battle Royale genre, a game comparable to Overwatch in terms of its dynamics.

As early as February 2019, he took part in the regional championship - and took first place together with his squad. It is noteworthy that while in Overwatch he played with tanks like Reinhardt and Winston, then in Apex Legends he played on a mobile Pathfinder.

For 2019, he managed to perform in various Finnish mixes, but did not achieve much success. The turning point in fi Kouhia's life can be referred to the European qualification of ALGS Major #1, where he as part of the fi Kebabrulla mix unexpectedly for many became the winner of the qualifying matches. The coronavirus pandemic prevented the tournament from taking place, so Lauri was left to play in online championships.

fi Kebabrulla's strength was a force to be reckoned with, the team managed to finish seventh at ALGS Online #2 - Europe, and then even finished in the top three at ALGS Online #3 - Europe. After that, a new chapter began in fi Lauri's life - playing in tournaments under the tag of eu ad hoc gaming.


This team, where former professional CS:GO player sk MaTaFe played together with fi Kouhia, was deservedly considered very dangerous. From April to September, the team fought in almost every possible competition, won GLL championships, and took various prizes.

In October, fi Kouhia and sk MaTaFe left the organization and, together with their compatriot Lauri fi YliSilta, created a team with the curious name Orgless and Hungry. In the same month, the team won ALGS Autumn Circuit #2 - Europe, which was a surprise to many.

However, 2020 did not end well for fi Kouhia and his teammates. Just 17th in the ALGS Autumn Circuit playoffs and 10th in the Realm: Summit Series 2020. Though the team has shown their level of game on many occasions, so we can safely say that such results were caused merely by the coincidence of circumstances.

The year 2021 is a new challenge for Lauri. fi Kouhia will become an important link in the new Natus Vincere team, which will be at the forefront not only in Europe, but also on the world stage. We can be sure that with the persistence of Lauri, the Born to Win will certainly achieve the desireddesired results! #navination

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