Furnish your own gaming house

News / 28 February 2018 — 14:15

What would your own gaming house look like?

To answer this question, we need to find out what your playing style is, as the interior of your personal gaming house should match your preferences and character.

To figure it out, we’ve created an interactive . As you will be answering the quiz questions, you’ll see how the 3D model of your gaming house will be changing, step by step.

When it is finished, you’ll get a picture of your own GH and, in addition, you’ll receive a guaranteed 10% discount on DXRacer chair. So you’ll be able to start creating your gaming interior in reality immediately!

After taking the quiz, you’ll just need to select the closest store to get your 10% discount. Which of the chairs to choose (yellow or black) — it’s entirely up to you. Even if you see a black one in the picture of your gaming house — you can buy the yellow one anyway. The discount is valid for both DXRacer chairs in ua NAVI style. As for the specifications, the chairs are absolutely identical, except for the design.

Just don’t think too long as the offer is only valid until 14 March 2018.