BLAST Global Final 2020: vs G2 Esports

CS2 / News / 22 January 2021 — 17:20

The match will start at 19:30 CET

In the second round of the lower bracket, ua NAVI will face eu G2 Esports. The duel will start today at 19:30 CET, the format is best of 3.

Unlike previous opponents, eu G2 Esports did not make any changes in the offseason. The opponent started the tournament with a victory over br FURIA Esports (2 : 1), but in the semi-finals of the upper bracket lost to dk Astralis (1 : 2). In turn, ua NAVI was defeated in the upper bracket by us Team Liquid (0 : 2), and in the first round of the lower net they beat dk Complexity (2 : 1).

The last time ua Natus Vincere and eu G2 Esports met each other was at the IEM Beijing Championship, where the Born to Win won 2 : 1. In the last three months, the best maps of the opponent are Nuke (8 wins, 3 losses) and Mirage (6 wins, 2 losses), and the worst performance is on Overpass (0 wins, 2 losses), that is why eu G2 Esports usually ban that map.

Cheer for ua NAVI! #navination

BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020 (BO3)
January 22, 19:30 CET
Natus Vincere
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      G2 Esports
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