NAVI ranked as the second most popular esports club for 2020

News / 23 January 2021 — 13:40

NAVI is the second most popular organization!

has revealed the top ten most popular esports clubs in 2020. ua Natus Vincere is in second place! 

In many ways, this result was possible thanks to the ua NAVI CS:GO roster: not only the results were taken into account (victory at IEM Katowice 2020, for example), but also the number of views of the matches by the viewers. Dota 2 games are in second place by popularity.

According to the analytics portal, ua Natus Vincere club showed the best trend among the top organizations and gained 36.4 million more viewing hours over the year than in 2019. We are sure that this is not the limit!

As for the full list, eu G2 Esports topped the list, with us Team Liquid in third place. Also in the top ten were gb fnatic, eu OG, dk Astralis and others.