BLAST Global Final 2020: grand-final

CS2 / News / 24 January 2021 — 19:01

The match will start at 21:30 CET

In the grand-final of the BLAST Premier: Global Final, ua NAVI will face dk Astralis. The match starts today at 21:30 CET, the format is best of 3.

The last time ua NAVI and dk Astralis faced off was at the IEM Global Challenge, where the Born to Win fell short 1 : 2. In the last three months, the best maps of the rival are Train (3 wins, 1 loss) and Inferno (16 wins, 4 losses), and the worst performance is on Nuke (5 wins, 8 losses). The Danes most usually ban Mirage.

Let's cheer for ua Natus Vincere and trust that the Born to Win will start the season with the champions title! #navination

BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020 (BO3)
January 24, 21:30 CET
Natus Vincere
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