BLAST Premier Spring Groups — no change for coaches

CS2 / News / 2 February 2021 — 16:02

B1ad3 will work with the roster as usual

In late January, Valve announced new rules for RMR tournaments, which prohibit team coaches from being around players during online matches. The change sparked mixed reactions in the community, with ua NAVI Operations Director ua Aleksey "xaoc" Kucherov calling it "a backward step in the development of the professional CS:GO scene."

Today, tournament organizer BLAST announced details of the BLAST Premier Spring group stage: the coaches policy remains unchanged. Coaches are still allowed to be present with the team indoors and commiserate with players during side changes and breaks. BLAST believes that coaches have a great impact on modern esports, making it more professional and improving the level of teams.

Cheer for ua NAVI CS:GO already on February 12: at 16:30 CET time the match will start against the updated br MIBR squad. #navination