publications-bg Ranking: NAVI is in second place!

CS2 / News / 8 February 2021 — 20:28

NAVI CS:GO is in second place of the ranking!

On February 8, updated the ranking list: ua NAVI CS:GO team moved up to second place! The latest ranking change was mostly influenced by the results of (92.5%). Team performances at IEM Global Challenge 2020 (74.9%), BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 Finals (71.6%) and IEM Beijing (62.2%) were also taken into account.

February 8th ranking
Place Teams Points Ranking difference
1 dk Astralis 986
2 ua Natus Vincere 825 +1
3 fr Team Vitality 725 -1
4 de BIG 522
5 us Team Liquid 419
6 ru 382
7 dk Heroic 349
8 eu mousesports 285 +3
9 br FURIA 282 +1
10 se fnatic 264 +2

The top 10 teams did not change much this week. The new br GODSENT squad made the most progress in the top 30, climbing 102 spots moving to 29th position.

The next tournament for the Born to Win will be BLAST Premier: Spring Groups, which will take place online February 12-14. The first opponent of NAVI will be the renewed br MIBR roster, except them in Group 3 are eu FaZe Clan and us Team Liquid. The match against the Brazilian Five will begin on February 12th at 16:30 CET. #navination