NAVI qualified for the Major!

Dota 2 / News / 15 February 2021 — 16:26

NAVI qualifies for the Major!

eu NAVI Dota 2 team defeated ru AS Monaco Gambit to guarantee their participation in the ONE Esports Singapore Major 2021. What a great start to the season!

In the current championship, Born to Win has already taken one of the top two places - the final position of the team in the standings will be determined in the remaining matches against ru Team Spirit and ru

Groups (15.02)
Teams Score
euNatus Vincere 5–0 5–0
ruAS Monaco Gambit 2–3
seTeam Spirit 2–3
ruTeam Unique 2–3
seTeam Empire 1–4
seNoTechies 1–4

At the end of , three teams will qualify for the international Major tournament in Singapore. The winner will qualify for the championship playoffs, the runner-up will advance to the group stage, and the team in third place will advance to the Wild Card stage.

The ONE Esports Singapore Major 2021 will be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium from March 27th to April 4th. The tournament prize pool will be $ 500,000. A total of 18 teams will play at the tournament. #navination