NAVI took third place at the Absolute Monarchy: Crown Open

APEX / News / 15 February 2021 — 16:32

Third place for NAVI

The Absolute Monarchy: Crown Open was held on the night of February 14th to 15th, eu NAVI Apex Legends was one of the participants. Our guys showed a decent game and took third place!

The competition was held on four maps, and based on its results, eu Natus Vincere players were in the top 3 three times. It should be noted that the competition was fierce. Thus, the Born to Win beat ua Luminosity Gaming, eu K1CK, ru MajorPushers and other strong opponents.

As a result, our players approach the upcoming major tournament in a great mood and with the desire to show their best. The Championship will take place on February 19-21, don't miss it! #navination

Absolute Monarchy: Crown Open prize winners:

1st place — us Team Cruelty — $ 600;
2nd place — us ShameAssist — $ 300;
3rd place — eu Natus Vincere — $ 100.