BLAST Premier: Spring Groups: NAVI matches are the most popular!

CS2 / News / 15 February 2021 — 18:01

NAVI is at the top of the most interesting teams for spectators!

ua NAVI was one of the three teams whose matches in the BLAST Premier Spring 2021 group stage were watched the most times! More than 400,000 viewers watched each game involving our team.

According to, the match in the upper bracket of Group C between ua Natus Vincere and eu FaZe Clan received the most interest. The peak number of views was 543,863!

In second place was the grand final in the group, where the player met the same opponents: it was watched by 456,694 people. The third place was taken by the duel between the Born to Win and br MIBR, it had 427,277 viewers.

Recall that in the group stage of BLAST Premier Spring 2021, ua Natus Vincere earned the spot in the finals of the championship, and won $ 25,000. The final stage of the competition will take place on June 15-20: 8 teams will compete for the prize fund of $ 425 000. #navination