Top-1 for NAVI: PGI.S Week 3 Finals secured

PUBG / News / 24 February 2021 — 15:18

NAVI will compete for the $200 00 prize money

zz NAVI PUBG has won the sixth match of day two and made it to the final of the third week in the PUBG Global Invitational.S 2021. Make sure to tune in on February 27th at 11:00 CET! 

The battle was second for zz NAVI this week: our team finished the Bottom 16 stage last week in ninth place, so they only joined the matches at the end of the game day. 

Teams that advanced to the finals of the week 3
Place Teams
1 kr Gen.G Esports
2 eu Team Liquid
3 th Daytrade Gaming
4 us Oath Gaming
5 zz
6 us Zenith E-Sports
7 kr T1
8 eu FaZe Clan
9 kr Afreeca Freecs
10 fi ENCE
11 zz Natus Vincere

Recall that at the end of all Weekly Survival matches, 16 teams will be revealed to face each other in the final of the week. The total prize pool for the competition is $ 3,500,000, while also it's being crowdfunded. #navination

Clip of the NAVI's victory