GLL Community Cups #29 — EMEA: NAVI in third place

APEX / News / 26 February 2021 — 19:33

Third place for NAVI

eu NAVI's Apex Legends squad finished third in GLL Community Cups #29 - EMEA. Our boys showed a great game, beating many strong teams.

The championship consisted of six maps, with teams from Europe and the Middle East. The Born to Win took first place twice, with a total of 69 points. However, this result was not enough for the first place: it was taken by the ru Magicians, who beat eu Natus Vincere by only 4 points.

But overall, eu NAVI players can safely take consider this championship a success. The guys beat serious opponents, including teams eu 789, eu 303 Esports, ua Luminosity Gaming, ru MajorPushers and others.

The next big tournament for eu Natus Vincere will be ALGS Winter Circuit #3, which will take place from February 26-28. The Born to Win will start the final round thanks to a fourth-place finish in the previous championship. The kick-off for the final fights is scheduled for February 28th at 19:00 CET. Don't miss it! #navination

GLL Community Cups #29 EMEA Prize pool distribution

1st place — ru Magicians — $ 300;
2nd place — eu BodyGuards — $ 150;
3rd place — eu Natus Vincere — $ 60.