PGI.S: Survival Tournament - details

PUBG / News / 3 March 2021 — 16:33

NAVI will play on March 5th

A special event named Survival Tournament will take place at PGI.S from March 5th-7th. The prize pool will be $ 60,000 and all 32 teams will take part in the tournament. 


In the first stage, the squads will be divided into eight groups according to the results of the third-week finals of PGI.S. zz NAVI is ranked 15th and have been placed in the second group.

Eight teams will advance to the quarterfinals, where they will split into two groups. Two teams from each quarter-final group will qualify for the grand final of the Survival Tournament.

The tournament features a traditional scoring system (frags and placements). The mode of play is TPP. It should be noted that the prize money earned at this stage will not affect the position of teams in the overall standings in the main tournament.

The winner will take home a share of the $ 30,000 prize money. Be sure to join the broadcast on March 5th and support our guys! #navination