NAVI Rainbow Six Siege roster for European League 2021

R6 / News / 5 March 2021 — 12:00

NAVI Rainbow Six Siege roster for European League 2021

Two new players have joined gb NAVI Rainbow Six Siege: se Rickard “Secretly” Olofsson and gb Nathan “Nathan” Sharp. gb Joe “Joe” Crowther, in turn, has been benched but he will finish the together with the Born to Win.

se Secretly has been in the pro scene since 2016. His most notable performance was with se Chaos Esports Club, where he won the Nordic Championship 2020, reached the semifinal of the DreamHack Valencia 2019 and Allied Esports Vegas Minor 2019, and also showcased a solid game in the last three seasons of the Pro League.

gb Nathan is one of the biggest talents of the British R6 scene. Together with gb MnM Gaming, they beat gb NAVI in the finals of the first seasons of the UK & Ireland Nationals. He has earned over $ 7 000 in prize money.

On March 18th, a renewed gb NAVI R6 Siege roster will start its performance in the first stage of the European League 2021. The League’s schedule will be announced soon: stay tuned and support the Born to Win! 

NAVI Rainbow Six Siege roster:

gb Jack
“Doki” Robertson
pl Szymon “Saves” Kamieniak
gb Byron “Blurr” Murray
se Rickard “Secretly” Olofsson
gb Nathan “Nathan” Sharp
gb Joe “Joe” Crowther (inactive)

fr Cyril “jahk” Renoud (coach)
fr Razig “DraZ” Abida (analyst)
ua Igor “caff” Sydorenko (manager)