VENUS VINCERE: The universe wants you to blossom

News / 8 March 2021 — 16:00

VENUS VINCERE: The universe wants you to blossom

— How do I know that you love esports?
— I'll be wearing NAVI Venus Vincere.

We've decided to do what we've never done before: an exclusively women's collection by ua NAVI because we know that there are girls in the esports world, and they are beautiful.

Everything blossoms in the spring, and the whole universe awakens within a girl. She needs to fill it with emotions, impressions, and, of course,  stunning looks.

We named our collection Venus Vincere in honor of the planet Venus. She personifies the feminine and entire space, just as well as every girl, in our opinion. 

You don't need bright clothes to stand out, you shine brighter than stars in the sky! Therefore, our collection is made in black with monochrome prints of planets. This cosmic print symbolizes the whole world, which lures inside each girl.

Venus Vincere has sportswear, casual, and even a dress! You can mix our clothing items to create looks for any occasion.

The collection is available for purchase at .