The Bucharest Major: the first victory

Dota 2 / News / 5 March 2018 — 17:26

The spectacular ending!

iThe next series of ua NAVI.GG.BET at The Bucharest Major was a bo1 against ru Vega Squadron. The match ended with a spectacular victory of ua Natus Vincere!

Game 1 - Natus Vincere [1:0] Vega Squadron

The game started off relatively calm, with a few early rotations around the map making the game somewhat more dynamic. The cores of both teams were farming up their items and levels; ua NAVI.GG.BET were sitting in a better position, despite being a few kills down by minute 10. A few pickoffs on both sides happened, but we maintained the advantage all the way to 15 minutes.

16 minutes in ua NAVI went for the first Roshan of the game, but ru Vega intercepted the attempt. Despite, we were still the ones to take down the Roshan, but the immediate loss of the Aegis mitigated our aggression for the next few minutes. Towers and kills were still taken, and ru Vega decided to go for their own Roshan, but we interfered this time, forcing out some buybacks and still claiming the Roshan, Aegis and Cheese.

The Aegis expired by itself as we took down the first T3 tower of the game and disengaged, planning to wait until the next Aegis and get some items meanwhile. As the third Roshan was about to respawn, ua NAVI went for a gank in the Dire jungle, getting 2 and forcing the rest to retreat, allowing for an uninterrupted Roshan. The newly acquired items - Refresher shard for ua Dendi, MKB for ua Crystallize, enabled us to go up the ramp very comfortable, as ru Vega lost a few buildings.

The game seemed to become quite passive, as the pickoffs became an even rarer sight, with most heroes aiming for level 25 talents. Gyrocopter went for the desperation Rapier, but even that did not salvage the situation - ua Natus Vincere initiated, and the enemy cores lost their lives with no buybacks - GG!