ESL Pro League Season 13: VS MIBR

CS2 / News / 22 March 2021 — 16:14

The ESL Pro League Season 13 group stage is nearing its conclusion. In the fourth round, ua NAVI CS: GO will face br MIBR. The duel will begin on March 22 at 15:30 CET. The format is best of 3.

In the standings, both teams have one win and two losses, so this match is especially important, to save a chance to get into the playoffs. In the previous rounds, br MIBR beat br Team oNe, while ua NAVI coped with eu Cloud9. However, both teams were defeated by ru Gambit Esports and br FURIA Esports.

The last time the teams faced each other was at the BLAST Premier: Spring Groups, where ua NAVI won 2: 1. The strongest br MIBR maps in the last three months are Dust2 (4 wins, 3 losses) and Mirage (5 wins, 3 losses), and the worst is Train (1 win and 4 losses). Most often, Brazilians ban Nuke.

We believe in ua NAVI victory! #navination

ESL Pro League 13 (BO3)
22 March at 15:30 CET
Natus Vincere
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