B1t has the highest headshot percentage

CS2 / News / 23 March 2021 — 18:29

ua Valeriy "B1t" Vakhovskyi topped the rating with the highest headshot percentage among players who have more than two hundred maps played. Valeriy also became the top player in the number of headshots per round — 0.51. be ScreaM is in second place with a score of 0.50, followed by cn Gas (0.48).

Лучшие игроки с наивысшим процентом хедшотов
Место Игрок Команда Хедшоты
1 ua B1t  ua NAVI 70,5 %
2 se grux  se ex-Red Reserve 68,2 %
3 be ScreaM  fr ex-Envy 68,1 %
4 no Grusarn  no Apeks 64,3 %
5 jp takej  jp ex-SCARZ Absolute 64,2 %

ua Aleksandr «s1mple» Kostyliev holds the lead by the number of rounds with more than one frag and in terms of kill/death ratio (+ 7374).

As a reminder, the next ua NAVI match will take place on March 24th at 19:00 CET in the final round of the group stage of ESL Pro League 13. Our opponent is br Team oNe.