QPL S2 Stage 2: cYpheR will play in the first round of the playoffs

Quake / News / 5 April 2021 — 13:06

The results of cYpheR's performance

Yesterday ended the second stage of the second season of the Quake Pro League. The final day of the competition was dedicated to determining the final position of players in the standings before the start of the playoffs.

ua NAVI player by Alexei "cYpheR" Yanushevsky did not participate in the games of the final week. Nothing depended on Alexei, and he had only to wait for the results of the fights to see which round he would start in the playoffs.

Europe and CIS
Players Series Points
huMyztro.RAISY 7–2 3450
plEndpoint.Av3k 7–2 3250
itMyztro.vengeurR 7–2 3150
deBIG.k1llsen 6–3 2850
rub100.baSe 3–6 2750
byNAVI.cYpheR 5–4 2650
seSpart1e 5–4 2550
ruAMD.COOLLERZ 3–6 2250
eeDragonborn.cnz 1–8 2150
seMyztro.GaRpY 1–8 1950

by cYpheR ended up in a sixth-place with 2650 points. He was only 200 points short of making the top 4. Alexei earned $ 2,650 for his performance in the regular season.

Next up for by cYpheR is the Quake Pro League Season 2 finals, and Alexei will start playing in the first round. The duels will take place on April 23-25 online. #navination