ESL One CIS Online Season 2: details

Dota 2 / News / 5 April 2021 — 16:14

All about the new season

The second season of ESL One CIS Online is about to start, and ua NAVI is one of the participants Let's take a deeper look at the League.

Competitions will take place over six weeks, it starts from April 13th to May 23rd. The total prize fund is $ 280,000.

The league is divided into two divisions, an Upper Division and a Lower Division. The top three teams in the Upper division will earn a spot in the next Major tournament, and the two worst teams will be dropped to the Lower division. In turn, the top two teams from the Lower division will advance to the Upper division and the two worst teams will have to leave the competition.

It is worth noting that tiebreakers in the standings will be resolved only by rematches.

Also recall that based on last season's results, ru Team Empire and zz NoTechies dropped out from the Upper division. Their places were taken by ru Winstrike Team and ru PuckChamp. The full list of participants can be seen below.

The championship schedule will be announced soon. Stay tuned! #navination