V-Tune is 1st in the leaderboard!

Dota 2 / News / 5 April 2021 — 18:04

First place for the NAVI carry!

Carry player of ua NAVI Dota 2 roster, ua Alik "V-Tune" Vorobey took first place on the European leaderboard. Alik shared his result on .

On the way to this accomplishment, ua V-Tune played the heroes of his role. In recent matches, he picked Anti-Mage, Phantom Assassin, Ursa, Wraith King, Morphling, and even Io.

Recent games

ua V-Tune is thoroughly preparing for the second season of , which is scheduled to start on April 13th. We are sure that the carry of ua NAVI will please the fans with a great performance in the professional matches as well! #navination

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