NAVI PUBG: Meet the new team

PUBG / News / 19 April 2021 — 23:17

We are glad to see new players in NAVI!

ua NAVI PUBG roster has undergone a complete roster change. Starting from April 16th, our club is represented by : ge Konstantin "Mellman" Levkin, ru Artyom "xmpl" Adarkin, ru Andrey "Qwizzy" Pobedinsky and ru Alexander "alya" Pirogov.

We invite fans to get acquainted with the new team - we'll tell you how the guys built their careers prior to joining ua NAVI.

The backbone of the current ru Natus Vincere squad gathered together on April 2020, at that time still under the tag ru Tornado Energy. These talented guys immediately found their game. The team confidently debuted in PSL Season 6 and took third place there, receiving $ 2,739 in prize winnings. 

A few days later, the PCS Charity Tournament kicked off, which took place online due to coronavirus. ru Tornado Energy received a direct invite and rushed into action with renewed vigor. The forced online performance did not damage the players' morale: they lost only to zz Northern Lights (now zz and came second in the championship.

Mellman — NAVI PUBG team captain

Soon after there was a period of calmness in n the competitive scene, but it was soon broken by the continuation of online PCS tournaments. The first tournament of the series brought together 24 of the best teams from Europe and the CIS, and during the month the players fought for the prize fund of $ 263,500. On the very first day, the guys played great - with a lead of 22 points they topped the standings. They managed to hold the leading position until the end of the group stage.

The start of the finals was difficult, but in the final games the ru Tornado Energy players took the lead. Several successful maps allowed them to break into the top 5, and the battle for first place continued until the very last minutes. After recollecting their composure, ru Tornado Energy was able to take second place in Europe and earn $30,000.

And then there was another lull period, and in August PCS 2 kicked off. Reflecting on their second place in PCS 1, the guys were confident that this time they would definitely be the champions. They easily passed the group stage, but in the finals, their performance was not great: 10th place at the end of the championship. 

They were able to recover almost immediately, but not at the PCS, but during the seventh season of the PSL. ru Tornado Energy again took second place and €5,000 check to their name.

The time was approaching for the third and final tournament of the PCS series. The team was determined to bounce back after PCS 2. At the end of the group stage, ru alya single-handedly brought the team to second place, which strengthened ru Tornado Energy's position in the standings and allowed them to reach the final. There the guys were quite successful - the team entrenched at the top and finished fourth. It should be noted that the best player of PCS 3 Europe according to PUBG ESPORTS PLAYER STATS+ was ru alya.


All of the PCS series are behind us, and the final tournament of 2020 was the DreamHack Winter Showdown. It was perhaps the highlight of the season: ru Tornado Energy finally won with an unbelievably strong game. But one detail overshadowed the championship title: the team was left without a spot at the PGI.S. World Championship. 

On February 10, 2021, it was time for a change. The squad decided not to continue their partnership with ru Tornado Energy, and the very next day they announced that they will play for eu Raise Your Edge. Under the eu RYE tag the guys managed to win a small tournament GDE Cup 5.

Now, the boys play under the ua NAVI banner, and the team got off to a solid start at the . The boys needed only one game to reach the grand final of the championship. Undoubtedly a great result! 

We are looking forward to the ESL Masters playoffs on April 23rd. We are sure that the ru Natus Vincere squad will once again show a great game and will please the viewers! #navination

Prior achievements

Place Tournament Prize winnings
1-е место DreamHack Winter Showdown - Europe $ 13 500
2-е место PUBG Continental Series: Charity Showdown - Europe  $ 15 000
2-е место PUBG Continental Series 1: Europe  $ 39 525
2-е место PUBG Finland - PSL Season 7 $ 5 917
3-е место PUBG Finland - PSL Season 6 $ 2 739
3-е место DreamHack Spring Showdown $ 1 600
4-е место PUBG Finland - PSL Season 8 € 1 500
4-е место PUBG Continental Series 3: Europe $ 10 000