Recrent and Ubica won the FaZe Global Cash Grab

News / 24 April 2021 — 11:04

Congratulations to Recrent and Ubica!

ua Natus Vincere content creator ru Dmitry Recrent” Osintsev, together with ru Alexander Ubica” Ivanov won the Atlanta FaZe Global Cash Grab last night and earned $25,000

Unluckily the duo didn’t have a good start but after the first hour and a half, ru Recrent and ru Ubica managed to pull together and stepped up their game. Their peaking performance gained them a foothold in the first place with a strong 345 point lead. 

Atlanta FaZe Global Cash Grab tournament table
Place Players Points Prize pool
1 NAVI Recrent & Ubica 345 $ 25 000
2 Testyment & Jukeyz 338 $ 15 000
3 itswatsz & fifakillvizualz 304 $ 7 000
4 CPentagon & Fxzzn 302 $ 2 000
5 MethodZsick & Xhiet0 298 $ 1 000

The boys managed to play 16 matches in five hours. ru Recrent made 114 frags on five maps, which counted for the score. ru Ubica, for his part, contributed 135 kills. Four wins brought a total of 80 points, and in the last game, where the guys took second place, they collected another 16 points.

ru Ubica's game crashed on one of the maps: ru Recrent was left alone when there were 21 enemies on the map. Despite this, Dmitry not only made 10 frags but also won the match!

Once again we would like to congratulate the boys on winning the first tournament of the third season of CoD: Warzone! But don't get too comfortable, the next tournament is already coming up on April 27 - Twitch Rivals. Keep the performance up and we will achieve great things! #navination