European League 2021: vs G2 Esports

R6 / News / 25 April 2021 — 13:17

2 : 7

The last opponent of eu NAVI in the first stage of the European League 2021 will be team eu G2 Esports. The format of the match is best of 1.

The upcoming game is very important for the Born to Win. The guys need to win in regulation time to hold on to the first line in the standings.

The match will also determine the final position of eu G2 Esports in the middle of the standings. In theory, the team could be in fourth or seventh place.

Note an important change to the eu G2 Esports roster in the offseason: dk Pengu was replaced by gb Kayak, who was also given the team captain role.

Tune into the livestream and support eu NAVI! Our team could really use the support of the fans today! #navination

European League 2021 (best of 1)
April 25, 19:45 CEST
2 : 7
Natus Vincere
  • Blurr
  • Secretly
  • Doki
  • Nathan
  • Saves
G2 Esports
  • Kayak
  • Kantoraketti
  • UUNO
  • CTZN
  • Virtue