NAVI are the champions of the first stage of the European League 2021!

R6 / News / 26 April 2021 — 17:36

NAVI — on top!

eu NAVIs Rainbow Six Siege team has finished the first stage of European League 2021. Despite the defeat in the final game against eu G2 Esports, our team won the overall first place of the championship! For their astonishing performance, our boys won the prize pool of €77,500.

The fact that Born to Win would take the top spot in the standings was clear before the final match started: fr BDS Esport, who had the same amount of points as eu NAVI, lost to ru and therefore remained in second place. With an equal number of points, our team would have been ahead anyway, because eu NAVI won the face-to-face meeting against fr BDS.

In addition to the money prize, eu NAVI players earned 510 Six Invitational qualification points to qualify for the next world championship in Rainbow Six Siege. The team also got 20 European League points: the three stages will determine the number of participants for the final stage of the season.

eu NAVI has a month of rest ahead, a good amount of time to prepare for the second stage of the European League 2021, which is scheduled to start in June. We are sure that eu NAVI players will continue delighting their fans with great shooting and impressive results! #navination


1st place — eu NAVI — € 77 500;
2nd place — fr BDS Esport — € 41 250;
3rd place — gb Cowana Gaming — € 26 250;
4th place — de Rogue — € 18 500.