The Bucharest Major: The last defeat

Dota 2 / News / 7 March 2018 — 19:48

A very close game.

The elimination Bo1 between ua NAVI.GG.BET vs ph TNC Pro Team was a very intense fight. At the end of it, though, ph TNC Pro Team emerged victorious, while we leave The Bucharest Major.

Game 1 - Natus Vincere [0:1] TNC Pro Team

The game started off with a little lane shuffle, as ua Crystallize went mid Gyrocopter, while ua Dendi took the bottom lane as Dragon Knight; that did not seem to work out well, as Dragon Knight was not yet able to stay in lane confidently, and decided to switch back to mid for a little while. The Dire supports were very active around the map, ganking our cores constantly, while we only managed to get a return kill once when Puck overextended.

ua NAVI assembled in the top lane and destroyed the first T1 tower of the game for them. The game stalled for a while, with both teams trying to get their first big items and levels. We had a decent push, and did not hesitate to put it to good use. Lots of skirmishes were still happening all around, ua Lil being a major distraction factor.

20 minutes in we went for the first Roshan of the game, but ph TNC Pro Team interfered, albeit not too successfully, as we still got the Aegis on ua Crystallize, and put it to a good use. Soon the last remaining T2 on the side of ph TNC Pro Team fell, but we were struggling to go high ground against the Dire hero composition, and disengaged. Not much happened on the map in the next few minutes, as teams were poking and prodding.

From 38-39 minutes, both teams gathered around Roshan area - both wanted it, but neither was ready to fully commit. Ultimately, the Roshan was slain by ua NAVI, but the Aegis went to the enemy's Outworld Devourer. This proved to be the turning point of the game, as a few minutes later, a big fight unraveled in our base - we used everything we had, but it was not enough to stop the opponent. GG WP, as we leave The Bucharest Major.