ECS Challenger Cup: the victory over GODSENT

CS2 / News / 8 March 2018 — 10:22

The games were rather close, but we made it!

The ua NAVI.GG.BET - se GODSENT Bo3 at ECS Challenger Cup saw a series of high-quality Counter-Strike games. After the series of very close games, the winner was ua Natus Vincere, as we move forth into the winners' finals!

Picks and bans

Natus Vincere


Game 1 - Natus Vincere [0:1] GODSENT

The first pistols round was taken by seGODSENT, alongside the following 2, with the first point for ua NAVI coming in during the 4th round, and the score came back to 3:3, eventually going a step higher - 5:5. The economic situation was unstable for both teams, as round trades were coming in. Round 11 and 12, though, were taken by Terrorists, as they got a 2 points advantage, which soon diminished back to 1. Unfortunately, the end of the half did not quite work well for us, as se GODSENT closed the half 7:9.

The second pistols was taken by ua NAVI, as we tried to set up for a headstart into the second half. We managed to catch up to the opponent, but the first buy round was yet again taken by se GODSENT. Another series of traded rounds, and the economy on both sides was still rather decent, but we were a bit slow when entering the bombsite in round 22, allowing the opponent to get even further ahead. Slowly but surely, ua NAVI kept falling behind, until se GODSENT took the first match point. We denied it, upsetting enemy economy, but did not make it into the overtime - 11:16.

Game 2 - Natus Vincere [1:1] Godsent

The second game was off to a rather shaky start - ua Natus Vincere dropped the first couple of rounds, but bounced right back to tie it 2:2, and went forth. se GODSENT were playing rather aggressively, and paid for it dearly, as the score went up to 5:2 before the opponents managed to pull off a couple of successful rounds. We were still quite far ahead, but the rounds were becoming harder. Despite, ua NAVI were the first ones to take 8 rounds, finishing the half with 9:6.

The second half saw some trades happening between the teams - even though we won the pistols, the follow-up was not there, as we dropped 3 rounds in a row, but the advantage was still maintained by us. The score was 12:9 soon, as ua NAVI maintained the initial lead, and the next round saw a clutch by ru flamie. We were close to getting the series, however se GODSENT were unwilling to give the map up that easily, drawing it all the way into the overtime.

The first overtime did not go well for ua NAVI, as we lost all 3 rounds, and se GODSENT were close to securing the second map. After the sides were switched, though, we took 3 points back and the game went into the second OT. We continued our streak there, with a 3:0 in the first half, and ultimately closing the map with 22:20 on the board!

Game 3 - Natus Vincere [2:1] GODSENT

It all came down to this last game. We planted during the pistols, but couldn't defend the bomb, as se GODSENT claimed the first point. The bomb, however, gave us a decent economic boost to pull out an AK-47 for the next round, and it fully justified itself, as we bounced right up, taking the 3:1 lead.

We've continued the streak, picking up the first buy round as well, and pretty much securing a good position for the rest of the first half. Still se GODSENT were not throwing in the towel just yet, as they still got a few rounds their way, with the half closing at 11:4.

Pistols round was an essential one for se GODSENT here, as it would allow them to start a comeback; they knew it, and gave their all to take it. However, the next round was won by ua NAVI, effectively annihilating the advantage the opponents had from the first round.

As the scoreline hit 14:5, though, se GODSENT sprinted forward, accumulating 5 rounds before we've put a stop to it witch the matchpoint, and then the game. 16:10 is the final score, and with 2:1 in the series, ua NAVI are to participate in the winners' finals!