Twitch Rivals - EU Showdown: tournament recap

APEX / News / 20 May 2021 — 21:42

A decent result from our boys!

The Apex Legends Twitch Rivals - EU Showdown has concluded. eu NAVI player ua Maksym "MaxStrafe" Stadnyuk and the club's content creator ru Dmitry "Recrent" Osintsev took part in these competitions.

It should be said that the Born to Win competed in different teams. According to the rules, 20 captains chose their own players from the provided pool of players. Thus ua MaxStrafe ended up in one trio with pl JelliedCorn and dk Gnaske, and ru Recrent played with ru fyzu and ru Stanyyy.

The organizers have introduced a rather curious system for this championship, where the priority was the number of frags made. This number was subsequently multiplied depending on the place occupied in the game. For example, the teams that placed first received twice as many points. This system greatly increased the spectacle of the tournament, allowing the contestants to operate more unreservedly.

As for the results, both trios of our guys showed a very good level of play. ua MaxStrafe finished eighth in the standings, earning $900, and ru Recrent finished tenth, also winning $900. The detailed rankings can be found below.

Place Teams Total points
1   Team gdolphin 72,5
2   Team 9impulse 63,75
3   Team KSWINNIE 61,5
4   Team HALtv 57
5   Team oraxe 48,25
6   Team kryp 46,5
7   Team ShivFPS 46,5
8   Team Jelliedcorn 43,25
9   Team Lucy_FPS 27,75
10   Team Recrent 27
11   Team cathryan 26,25
12   Team urqueeen 23
13   Team megalia 8
14   Team pixxbe 5,75
15   Team Leviathan 2,5
16   Team makina 2
17   Team Nexos 1,75
18   Team Nysira 1,5
19   Team Lost 1
20   Team LittleBigWhale 0

The success of Dimitri and his team must be highlighted, as they did not score a single point in the first three maps. At World's Edge, his trio made an impressive comeback and broke into the top ten.

Congratulations to our guys for a great game! There will be many more tournaments like this, we are sure, that we will see the strongest players from the professional scene and well-known streamers playing in the tournament. Follow the news and subscribe to ua and ru channels! #navination