Boost the ALGS prize pool

APEX / News / 20 May 2021 — 22:22

The prize fund can be increased by buying bundels!

Apex Legends has announced an exciting opportunity to increase the prize pool for the upcoming Apex Legends Global Series Championship 2021. The initial prize pool will be $ 1,000,000.

Items that increase the prize pool have been added to the in-game shop. So, the purchase of Mechameleon Bundle, Bored to Death Bundle, Wild Speed Bundle, and Silverback Bundle will add $ 5 to the prize pool, and for each Animal Kingdom Bundle will be added $ 20. However, the total prize pool for the championship cannot exceed $3,000,000. These bundles will be on sale until June 1st.

The Apex Legends Global Series Championship 2021 is divided into competitions for four regions. eu NAVI's Apex Legends roster will compete in the championship for teams from Europe and the Middle East. The tournament will run from June 1st-12th with an initial prize pool of $ 267,900. #navination