ALGS Championship 2021 — EMEA: prize money exceeds $ 638 000!

APEX / News / 30 May 2021 — 14:44

NAVI among the participants!

The A will take place from June 1st to 12th for teams from Europe and the Middle East. eu NAVI will compete for the title of the strongest team in the region.

Speaking of the upcoming tournament, it's worth noting the . Initially, it was $ 267,900, but the game developers decided to increase this amount by introducing in-game purchases. Purchases of Mechameleon, Bored to Death, Wild Speed and Silverback bundles add $5 each to the prize pool, and each purchase of the Animal Kingdom bundle increases it by $20.

The prize pool is now over $ 638,000! This is a record for the discipline, the previous tournament with the highest prize pool was the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational in 2019. Back then it was $ 500,000 and at that championship, eu NAVI came in second place. 

As for the competition itself, the organizers presented a very curious competition model. The 40 participating teams are divided into 4 groups of 10. In 3 days of the group stage, all the 4 groups must play each other on 6 maps.

Based on the results of this stage, 20 teams will qualify for the final stage of the competition. Four of them are the top teams of 4 groups, and the remaining 16 are the best overall teams.

NAVI's group
  eu NAVI
  eu Kungarna
  eu Totem Esports
  eu Les cités de France
  eu MajorPushers
  eu Disco Boys
  eu Endeavour
  eu WeLikeThatMate
  eu Flying Camels
  eu Yapeers

The group stage will run from June 1st to 5th, with the final part of the tournament scheduled for 12th June. The winner of the championship will be the team that scores 50 points and then wins on the map.

The matches will be available to watch on the official streams - and by Maincast studio.

The championship kicks off on June 1st at 19:00 CEST. eu NAVI Apex Legends team will start their journey on the first gameday, don't miss it! #navination