EPIC League CIS 2021: match for 5th place

CS2 / News / 31 May 2021 — 15:30

The rematch will be played after all

The match against ru Entropiq, which will determine the fate of 5th place at the and 100 extra RMR points will be held on June 1st at 18:00 CEST. The format is best of 3 series. Originally the match was scheduled for May 30th, but it was postponed.

The teams have already met in the group stage of . ru Entropiq's best maps of the last three months are Dust2 (8 wins, 3 losses) and Nuke (2 wins, 1 loss). ua NAVI's opponents usually ban out the Inferno.

Check out the stream and cheer for ua NAVI! #navination

EPIC League CIS 2021 (bo3)
June 1, 18:00 CEST
Natus Vincere
  • s1mple
  • electronic
  • Boombl4
  • b1t
  • Perfecto
  • NickelBack
  • Krad
  • Lack1
  • El1an
  • Forester