SynyX made it into Faceit Pro League

CS2 / News / 1 June 2021 — 03:27

SynyX finished the season with a 66% win rate

ua NAVI Junior CS:GO player ua Daniil «SynyX» Mazur made it into the FACEIT Pro League, finishing second in the 46th season of FPL Challenger Europe. Daniil also earned $750.

The battle for second place between ua SynyX and pl dgl went on until the last match. Before the final match, the Polish competitor had one more point. The players clashed as captains, and Daniil's team took the victory with a score of 16 : 9 on Dust2.

Congratulations to ua SynyX on his new achievement! To qualify for the FPL's most prestigious division in May, Daniil played 89 matches and won 66% of them. 

uaDaniil «SynyX» Mazur
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«I worked hard to get into the FPL. I will keep working hard to prove myself. Special thanks to my teammates for their support!»