NAVI are the champions of the second division of QUESO CUP EU

Brawl Stars / News / 1 June 2021 — 12:26


ru NAVI Brawl Stars won the second division of the QUESO CUP EU and won €500. Also, our guys made it to the first division, the new season of which will take place in June.

The group stage in the second division began on May 3rd and took place on Thursdays and Saturdays. ru NAVI won five out of seven matches.

Match results
Teams match date
NAVI  ru13eu  Mood Gamong May 3
NAVI  ru3eu  FA Pico Pala May 5
NAVI  ru23euF / A Trio May 10
NAVI  ru31eu  F/Alonso May 12
NAVI  ru3eu  ZO Spain May 17
NAVI  ru30euUnima Gamibg May 19
NAVI  ru30eu  BK ROG ESP May 24

In the semifinals of the championship, the Born to Win easily defeated eu BK ROG ESP - 3 : 0. In the final, we had to face the resistance of eu F / A Trio, but the excellent play of our guys allowed them to finish the match in their favor.


  • Semifinal
  • Final
  • Champion
F / A Trio
Unima Gamibg
F / A Trio


Artyom "Jason" Yashchanin

Today we won the second division of the Queso Cup and qualified for the first division! It was not simple, but we made it. Throughout the season, we met many good teams on our way and lost only two matches. And the final playoffs were hot: We played against a team that had never lost a match in this tournament, but we ended up stronger.

Cheer for our team in the first division, we won't let you down!

As of now, we know that there will be a $5,000 prize pool in the first division. Stay tuned on our website for updates so you won't miss a thing! #navination

VOD of the final day