ECS Challenger Cup: loss to Gambit

CS2 / News / 9 March 2018 — 04:00

NAVI.GG.BET lose to Gambit, but we still have a shot at claiming ECS spot.

Unfortunately, ua NAVI.GG.BET lose to kz Gambit (0:2) and miss their first chance to get into the ECS league. In the near future we will find out the next opponent, with whom we will play for the second ticket to the tournament.

Game 1 - Natus Vincere [0:1] Gambit

The pistol round ended in favor of kz Gambit, but ua NAVI responded by winning the force buy. Then the Kazakh team repaid us with the same coin, pulling off a decent round even with not the best guns. Subsequently, kz Gambit led in the match with a score of 4:1. The first buy round went the way of our guys, thanks to the successful clutch by ua s1mple in a one-on-one situation against kz AdreN.

Soon ua NAVI managed to seize the initiative and equalize the score on the scoreboard - 4:4. Further, kz Gambit won two rounds in a row and destroyed the defense players' economy, but they failed to take advantage of this weakness by losing a force buy with AWP. The ending of the first half of the game was a good one for kz Gambit, which allowed them to close it with 9:6.

The second pistol round went to the Kazakhstani team, after which our guys made a rather risky decision:  make a force buy twice in a row. This move did not bring the desired results, which enabled kz Gambit to increase their advantage quite significantly, up to 7 points - 13:6. As a result, on the attack, ua NAVI did not earn a single point, losing de_cbble to kz Gambit with a score of 16:6.

Game 2 - Natus Vincere [0:2] Gambit

In the pistol round and force buy, kz Gambit turned out to be stronger, but thanks to the excellent shots by ru flamie ua NAVI won the eco. Soon, not only our guys took the lead on the scoreboard (3:2), but also strengthened their financial position.

The first weapon round happened a bit later, but we did not manage to secure it. However, ua Natus Vincere won the round in response, which left the counter-terrorists without money. Still, the opponents managed to stabilize their economy and get one more point. The next few rounds were traded between the teams, which put ua NAVI is a somewhat tough financial position. Subsequently, with a minimal advantage, the first half of the map was won by kz Gambit - 8: 7.

The beginning of the second half of de_overpass was marked by the victory of kz Gambit in the pistol, but the force buy did not work out for them. This turn of events in the match allowed our guys to take the temporary lead on the scoreboard - 10: 9. And again, after losing two rounds in a row, instead of an eco, ua NAVI decided to go for a force buy, which did not work out at all for our squad.

Starting with the 25th round, ua Natus Vincere switched to the game with two AWPs. Unfortunately, we have only managed to get one point this way. As a result, kz Gambit beat ua NAVI on de_overpass - 16:12.